This is the documentation of the MessesInfo API. URL of website
Correct URLs with common attributes are:
GET /api/@version/@ResourceName/@query?format=@format&userkey=@userkey
GET /api/@version/@ResourceName/@query.@format?userkey=@userkey
With the last version by default:
GET /@ResourceName/@query?format=@format&userkey=@userkey
The current version is the version @version="v2" If you use the default version (without the /api/@version/), the API may change if a new version is released, and in futur the api access may be retricted to userkey or authentification.
@userkey* : @format :
* Please ask an userkey to admin. Mail to

format : Output type

Output formats: In this documentation, all possible attributes are notified. But if an attribute is empty on server, attribute will not appear in entity output. Some attributes can be added to output entities.